Solar Pool Heater

Cost Effective

Solar pool heating is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of heating your swimming pool. In comparison to gas or electric heaters, pool water heater systems save homeowners hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.

Many customers that have already installed their pool heating systems say that they use their swimming pools more often, and enjoy it more when swimming.

It is apparent that pool heating systems provide an excellent return on investment for Florida homeowners – including an increase on the value of the home’s worth. Give us a call today to learn more about solar pool heating and receive your consultation.

Solar Pool Heaters

Living in Florida, you are accustomed to the humidity and the heat which results in a trip to the beach or a day by the pool. Solar pool heating is a specific niche of solar energy that uses solar panels specifically constructed and designed to absorb the heat given off through solar radiation. As most of us know, dark colors are better absorbers of the sun’s heat. For this reason, solar pool heating panels are black in color to best absorb the sun’s rays. The panels themselves are made of a material called polymer, with the blend being different per manufacturer.

Good for the Environment

Homeowners that burn fuel to heat their pools release carbon dioxide and other damaging gases into the air – leading to negative effects on the environment. These harmful gases can cause smog formation, especially in urban areas. Through using solar energy to heat your pool, you are helping to reduce this hazard for the environment. By replacing your natural gas heater or propane heater with a solar powered heater, you can prevent the release of almost three tons of carbon dioxide from hurting the environment.

Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting

Solar pool heating systems are extremely durable, reliable and last much longer than a typical natural gas heater or propane heater. Solar pool heaters require very little maintenance – which means less costs on hiring professionals to service your pool and less of a headache for you. In addition, most solar heaters will have a warranty of up to 10 years, but can last for up to 15 or 20 years; whereas, propane heaters (which typically require proper yearly maintenance by professionals) will last for about 7 to 10 years, and gas heaters for about 2 to 5 years.

Cost Savings

Solar pool heating systems will significantly save you money and resources for years and years to come. Because of the low maintenance requirements, you will save money and time on hiring professionals for service. You will also spend almost five times less on heating your pool than you would with a regular gas heater.

Advantages of Solar Water Heaters

What are the benefits of having a solar pool heating system over the traditional pool heating systems? First, you can expect a total of zero operating costs. This is due to the way the sun gives off renewable, natural energy to heat your pool’s water, so no additional energy is required to power the heater system. Second, the heater is always ready to go. Many traditional systems can take hours or days to actually heat the water of a pool. Solar energy automatically works whenever the sun is out and shining and your pool system’s pump is running. Third, you are guaranteed to have quality products and equipment installed by professionals. Solar Quest will make sure you have only the top products in the industry that last the longest for Florida weather. An additional factor to these systems is the low maintenance cost. These pool heating systems typically last for many years and require zero to little maintenance. Finally, you will experience clean, natural power because solar pool water heaters do not emit any pollution when in use.

Fun in The Sun!

Swimming pool Solar

Solar pool heating systems function by a process of sending water from the pool through the polymer, black solar panels using your pool’s existing pump. Then, the pool’s water is redirected to the solar panels to allow solar radiation to be absorbed in uniquely designed solar collectors.