Miami solar attic fans

What is a Solar Fan?

Solar Quest offers the ultimate solar attic fan systems for Florida homeowners in regard to ventilation solutions. We guarantee to deliver quality service and products on a consistent basis so that we can exceed your expectations. We stay up-to-date on all the new innovative products and technologies so we can ensure our customers have the best solar attic fan performance. Our main goal is to make sure your home’s attic stays cool throughout the entire day by reducing the heat transfer into your home.
Solar fans are powered by the sun and are able to pull heated air out of your attic room in exchange for cooler outside air. This greatly reduces the quantity of work your HVAC systems has to do to cool the vicinity.

Coordination Process

When it comes to installation, some people take the job upon themselves; however, this is not recommend due the complexity of the project. To complete the installation, it is necessary to measure and cut holes your home’s roof, meaning it is crucial to make sure that you are not cutting into anything important that could cause damage to your home’s roof or interior. In addition, experience with installing flashing to make sure moisture stays out is recommended – especially in areas where there is a lot of rain. In Florida, we are especially susceptible to rain and tropical storms so it is recommended to call on a professional when installing solar attic fans.

In regard to the installation process, we will help you navigate through the entire process – start to finish. We will recommend and help you choose the right solar fan for your home, as well as make sure the right installation angle is chosen. We will handle all of the wire connections and bracket drillings, in addition to securing the electrical cable. Finally, we will make sure the temperature controller is added and working properly.

Benefits of Solar Fans

There are many benefits to installing a solar attic fan. First and foremost, solar power is considered a safer option. It has been shown that line-powered fans actually cost more to operate and maintain than they do in generating savings. These line-powered fans also have the potential to bring in hazardous gases back into your home, including carbon monoxide, through negative pressure zones that they create. An additional benefit is that solar attic fans reduce the build-up of excess heat in your attic, which has the ability to reach such high temperatures sometimes that it could potentially ruin any items you have stored in your attic. By monitoring the heat in your home’s top room and permitting proper ventilation, you will increase your home’s value – giving your home a great asset. Some added benefits include: no cost to operate; efficient and timely installation; no added noise; moisture reduction and lower threat of condensation; and an extended lifetime for asphalt shingle roofs.

The cost to install an attic fan is not too expensive, and depends on the type of fan you purchase in addition to labor costs. Solar Quest provides an accurate estimate at the beginning of the project so that you are not hit with any hidden fees or burdens down the road. Give us a call today to make your home a much more comfortable living space.


Through the use of a solar attic fan, you will minimize the carbon footprint your home is putting out because this type of fan does not utilize electricity to power itself. With a typical electric energy fan, homeowners are burning fossil fuels which put out carbon – in exchange polluting the air and adding to the global warming effect that is taking place. Therefore, you will be helping to save the environment as well as receiving natural, clean airflow in the top most section of your home.

Save Money & Power

Solar attic fans have the potential to save homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. Because these fans do not work on electricity, whereas electric fans do produce power through electricity, you will save a ton of money on your electricity bills throughout the year (especially during the hot and humid summers down here in South Florida). In addition, there are no operating costs for solar attic fans since these fans do not require the use of electric power to produce air.

Reduced Noise & Ongoing Operation

Because electric attic fans use so much electricity, it cannot be kept on all day and all night. This results in your home not being fully ventilated at all times, which can lead to some uncomfortable temperatures at times. Since solar attic fans use power from solar energy, they can be on all day and all night without worrying about the electricity usage or drastic increases in your electric bills. In addition, solar attic fans do not put out any noise when running to prevent noise disruption within your home.