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Solar Energy for Florida Homeowners

Termed as the “Sunshine State” in the United States, Florida has a lot of potential to generate energy from the sun that shines year round. In recent times, many homeowners and business owners are investing in solar energy to capitalize on this natural, abundant source of energy.

Below are a few of the many ways this energy can be brought into efficient use.

Solar Attic Fans: This is one of the most effective ways to use the sun to cool down your home. By getting a solar fan installed, you will be able to greatly cut down on your electric costs. As soon as the sun hits the ceiling, the fins of the fan start spinning without any further intervention. However, it only works if the fan is getting direct sunlight. With the case of any intrusion, even if it is a cloud blocking the sun, the fan will stop working.

Solar Pool Heating: Solar Pool Heating is an efficient and inexpensive alternative to costly heating systems typically installed in pools. The sunlight heats the water within your pool in a natural way. You do not even need a pumping device to circulate the heat throughout the pool – the filter will do it for you. So, say goodbye to cold swimming pools and welcome an eco-friendly, effective way of heating your pool.

Solar Water Heating: Electric or gas water heating have the potential to really increase your electricity bills each month. Wouldn’t it be better to shift to a cheaper, yet more sustainable alternative? Another application of solar energy is its use in solar water heating systems. These systems use the sun to heat water so that you no longer have to pay a ton of money just to avoid cold showers. Apart from its domestic uses, it can also be used to generate electricity.

Salt Chlorination Systems: Salt chlorination involves electrolysis to sanitize the water by making use of the dissolved salt in it. This would require the chlorination cell to maintain power to perform this function. Instead of relying on electricity to do this, you can use solar energy to power the chlorination cells in your pool.

Photovoltaic Energy: This is perhaps another one of the most efficient uses of solar energy. By means of solar cells, you can convert solar energy into electricity and then use it to run all of your appliances at your home, office and even in public places. This really helps to conserve the energy and cut short on the electrical bills.

The world is already facing an energy crisis, so shifting to these natural energy sources will be a healthy and ecological alternative. Despite its potential, Florida is not doing what it is capable of in terms of capitalizing this abundant source of energy it is blessed with. There are many investment projects going on in Florida aiming to make most out of this gift it is presented with every day.


Solar Quest: Making Efficient Use of Sunlight in Florida

Many companies are already working to efficiently use the abundant solar energy available that our state of Florida is blessed with every day. Not only are they conserving energy but also generating employment opportunities for locals in the state. A very prominent name in this list of companies working with solar energy is Solar Quest.

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